Wednesday, January 30, 2008





By: Kazan CLARK


Yes that is right, we have two winners...There were so many awesome entries for the contest, we couldn't just choose one...So to my surprise HALLMARK SCRAPBOOK decided to sponsor two Store Front cartridges. Not only is this the BEST place to buy all your Cricut/Expression supplies, they are truly some of the nicest people around..So thank you Hallmark Scrapbook..

This was probably the hardest contest to pick out a winner by far, we got over 50 entries....Everyone did an amazing job. Click SHAPE CONTEST

to see all of the AMAZING designs...Wow you ladies are good......all of you are winners in my book.

Congratulations again

Kazan and Ivy

Your Snowman and Present shape cards

I will contact both of you shortly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


If you are looking for something really cute to put a special Valentine treat in for someone special, you really need to try the Heart bag cut from the Tags Bags Boxes & More cartridge...It is so cute....The challenge for this week was to use that cut.....The cut can be found on page 117 of the manual...Check out what the designers did with this cut.....hopefully they will be able to inspire you with their AWESOME work.

We would also like to thank Amy Cokley for being our January guest designer....your work is simply fabulous...

Designer Ideals:

By: Amy Cokley - Guest Designer - The Sweet Life

By: April Smith - LOVE

By: Sonia Kertznus - XOXO

By: Krista Norman - Will you be my Valentine?

By: Rene Stamps - Be Mine

By: DeeDee Campbell - Be Mine

By: Regina Easter - Bless your Heart

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: Sharon Caudle - Be Mine

By: Beatriz Jennings - Hugs to you

By: Teri Berrios - I Love You

By: Melissa Kirwan - LOVE

SHAPE CONTEST WINNER................

Winner will be announced by Wednesday of this week...............

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Have ya every took a look at some of the cuts on the PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK cart? Well one of the cuts on there that I really like is the ZIGZAG cut....I so love putting zigzag (rick rak) ribbon on my cards, that now if I don't own a particular color, I can just use my Cricut and cut out one in any color I love....this is a great cut; so the challenge for this week was for the designers to use this cut on page 70...They all did some awesome projects with this cut....they were able to use the cut in any type of project...Oh yeah the designers did have to follow one rule though on this challenge....the ZIGZAG had to be in the color of lime green....Have you ever used this cut before? If so, we would love to see your take on this cut....just leave a comment as to where we can find your creation...

Designer Ideals:

By: Amy Cokley- Guest Designer - Goofy

By: Deedee Campbell

By: Sonia Kertznus

By: Sage Teslo

By: Enfys Cashmore - It's your Birthday..

By: Dianne Strohfus - Laugh til it Hurts

By: Regina Easter - baby Sweet

By: Carole Lowe Beath - Garden

By: Beatriz Jennings - Welcome to the World

By: Sharon Caudle - Friends

By: Teri & Kasi Berrios - Special Treat by Mother & Daughter
Happy Halloween - Love

By: Krista Norman

By: Sara Wise - Sprinkler Play

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Can you say Cute cute cute..........Oh my I never knew how cute that Poodle was on the PAPER PUPS cartridge...The challenge for this week was to use the POODLE cut on page 91 of the manual from the PAPER PUPS cartridge......and I must say the ladies did an awesome job.....It is just so amazing to see how each of us come up with something totally different......I so love the designs..........Before I show the designs, I would like to announce a new BUG person to the team......Beatriz Jennings........yes Bety will be joining the BBTB team....We are all so excited to have her join us....Welcome Bety....
Designer Ideals:

By: Amy Cokley - Guest Designer
By: Sage Teslo

By: Michele Kovack - Puppy Love

By: Nikky Hall - Best Friends
By: Melissa Kirwan - Celebrate Winter
By: Krista Norman

By: Sharon Caudle
By: Regina Easter - 100% Pampered
By: Teri Berrios - Martini & Me

By: Carole Lowe Beath - Best in Yard
By: Sonia Kertznus - Be Mine

By: DeeDee Campbell - Valentine

Monday, January 7, 2008


Okay all it is time for another FUN contest...........and once again HALLMARK SCRAPBOOK is sponsoring an AWESOME prize......The LIMITED edition STORE FRONT cartridge...This cartridge has that cute little adorable BUG on it....A sure cartridge to own if you ya have either of the two machines: Cricut/Expression.

Okay now for the details regarding the contest:

One of the fun things that I love about the Cricut/Expression machines is how you can do SHAPED cards; so we want to see your SHAPED cards......

You MUST use at least one CRICUT/EXPRESSION cartridge.

You can use ANY cartridge(s) you want.

You can submit up to two SHAPED cards.

Any type of shape goes: cake, candle, animal, letter, heart....etc.

Previous BBTB winners are welcome to enter.

You need to link your entry into the comment section of this thread.


Click here to see the cuts on the STORE FRONT cartridge...
Click here to see a sample of a SHAPED card



Well the holidays are over and things are finally getting back to NORMAL....did I say Normal? Hum, not really sure that even exist anymore....Anyways, the designers this week were asked to use the CLIPBOARD cut from the FABULOUS FINDS cartridge and I must say ALL of the designs are simply FABULOUS......much inspiration here......

We also have a new Guest Designer for the month of January....Her name is AMY COKLEY. Here is a little bit about Amy:

Hi, My name is Amy. I live in Western Pennsylvania with my great husband, and my sweet little boy. I have been scrapbooking since the late 90’s, and it totally consumes my free time. Scrapbooking gives me so much enjoyment, and allows me to show off my creative side. I also enjoy knowing that my family can go back and relive their memories anytime.

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful projects Amy designs for this month...WELCOME ABOARD AMY.

CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST...........................

Yes it is contest time again....Don't cha just LOVE contest? I know I do...

Once again the best online company to purchase all of your CRICUT items is sponsoring another contest.

Hallmark Scrapbook is sponsoring one lucky winner a free STORE FRONT cartridge.

This is a limited edition cartridge with an adorable little BUG on it.

Click CONTEST for details.

Okay on to the FABULOUS designs:

By: Amy Cokley - Guest Designer

By: Teri Berrios - Attendance

By: Michele Kovack - Today's Special

By: Krista Norman - Isabelle's Room

By: Enfys Cashmore

By: Regina Easter - Mommy Loves You

By: DeeDee Campbell - I Love You The Most

By: Tomi Ann Hill - New Mom Survival Guide

By: Sonia Kertznus - Save the Day

By: Sage Teslo - U are

By: Santina Turturro - Just a Note

By: Sharon Caudle