Sunday, September 28, 2008


Okay ladies have I got several PERFECT dresses for you to choose from for your next all out occasion where you need to look simply FABULOUS, rather it be a Halloween party or just a romantic dinner for two...AND I even have some yellow flowers for you also..Now don't worry, ALL of these dresses are the PERFECT size and the yellow flowers smell beautiful.............Okay it's time to be AMAZED once again with an awesome bunch of projects using the dress from the Dreams Come True cartridge....The Icon Dress can be found on page 47 of the manual....This dress is beautiful and the designers did an awesome job designing just the right dress for you....

I would also like to thank Susan Edwards for being our guest designer for the month of September......Her work was amazing.....Thank You Susan for sharing your wonderful talent with us....

Designer Ideals:

BY: Susan Edwards - Guest Designer - You go girl

By: Laura Davis - Memories

By: Teri Berrios - The Witch is in

By: Ivy Obeso - Simply Beautiful

By: Rene Stamps

By: Anne Ayers - Be Witching

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: DeeDee Campbell

By: Regina Easter

By: Kazan Clark - Shower

By: Rheba Tyler - Just a Note

By: Michelle Wilkinson

By: Carol Sheetz

Friday, September 26, 2008

AND THE WINNERS ARE.............................

Tam (frugal scrapper)...FIRST PLACE WINNER


Rebecca Holliday....SECOND PLACE WINNER

Oh my goodness ladies your projects were outstanding.


email me your address info to:

Regina Easter

We here at the bbtb would like to thank each of you that entered the was a very HARD decision...everyone did a wonderful job.
We would also like to thank Provo Craft for sponsoring the contest....without them we all wouldn't be in love with BUGS CHIRPING...

Look for another contest to start next week.

click here to see all of the entries

Sunday, September 21, 2008


AW....there is NO place like very true especially around the holiday season...With the first day of Fall being tomorrow, it seemed only fitting to have a challenge cut that makes me feel very loved....HOME....This weeks challenge, the designers were asked to use the cut HOME from the CHRISTMAS CHEER cartridge....This sweet little house cut produced some really adorable projects.....You can find this cut on page 103 of the manual...Christmas Cheer is an oldie but goody cartridge and just in time for the holiday season....

Don't forget there is still ONE more day left to get your entry in for the current contest..You can get details here. Provo Craft is sponsoring some wonderful prizes....

Designer Ideals:

By: Susan Edwards - Guest Designer - From our home to yours

By: Michelle Wilkinson - A New Home

By: Krista Norman

By: Dianne Strohfus

By: Carol Sheetz - Happy Haunting

By: DeeDee Campbell - Peace & Joy

By: Regina Easter - Home is where your Heart is

By: Carole Lowe Beath - Butterfly Hollow

By: Laura Davis - Happy Halloween

By: Michele Kovack - Best Wishes

By: Enfys Cashmore - Happy Halloween

By: Teri Berrios - Home for the Holidays

By: Sharon Caudle - From our house to yours

By: Sonia Kertznus - Home is where your heart is

By: Nikki Duey

By: Anne Ayers - Home Sweet Home

By: Penny Shubery - WINTER

By: Rene Stamps - Welcome

By: Rheba Tyler

Sunday, September 14, 2008


AWE..............what an awesome challenge we have for you all this week which comes from the POOH AND FRIENDS cartridge.....I am not sure if many of you are like me that when new cartridges come out, one of the first things I like to do is see what every little cut is on the cartridge...many times just because the title may seem basic, there is so much more to the cartridge, which is in this case why I love the POOH AND FRIENDS cartridge...There are so many cute ICONS and other cuts on the cartridge that one can use for all sorts of different things.....The cut the designers this week were asked to use is the FLOWER FRAME (FLWFRME)...which can be found on page 62 of the manual.........this cut is beyond cute...boy just think of all one could do with this cut....This cut would be awesome around a mirror for a little girls room..(smile)....Take a look at what the designers did this week and prepare to be INSPIRED.....Don't forget to post your take on this cut in the comment section....

Also this is the last week to enter in the current contest here at the really don't want to miss out on the awesome prizes from PROVO here for details....deadline is next Monday the 22nd of September....

Designer Ideals:

By: Susan Edwards - Guest Designer - Laundry

By: Nikki Duey

By: Laura Davis

By: Krista Norman

By: Kazan Clark - Trick or Treat

By: Enfys Cashmore - butterfly kisses

By: Dianne Strohfus

By: Teri Berrios - buddies

By: Sharon Caudle - hugs

By: Rheba Tyler

By: Penny Shuberg - boo

By: DeeDee Campbell

By: Carol Sheetz

By: Anne Ayers

By: Regina Easter

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I so love when Sundays come around because I get to show off the awesome work from the BBTB designers....and this week they did a wonderful job using either of the two BASKET cuts from the DOODLECHARMS......You can find them on pages 89 and 116 from the manual.......OOOOOOOOO I love the designs....It is just so amazing to see the different takes on one simple cut....they were able to use the cut any way they they wanted....Don't forget to link your creations to this challenge in the comment section....

This month we also have a guest designers joining us...SUSAN EDWARDS, here is a little bit about Susan:

I am Susan Edwards, wife, mother, daughter, sister, artist, administrative professional, and scrapbooker. I have always found enjoyment and gratification in creating art. For me scrapbooking was an archival form of art allowing the chronicling of my three children’s lives (now BIG children at 22, 20 and 17). I have been a scrapbooker for the last decade, but the introduction of the Cricut turned a boarder-line scrap addiction into a full-fledged scrapping obsession! I love my Cricut Expression! Honestly! I really do!

In January 2007 a group of friends and I attended a scrapbook retreat near Atlanta, GA and that weekend changed our lives! The retreat center provided a Cricut machine for our use and we were hooked! After returning home, several of us purchased Cricuts, and since then even more of us purchased and/or up-graded to the Expression. The Expression machine combined with Cricket Design Studio software has allowed me to once again enjoy being an artist, a designer, and scrapbooker, all while chronicling the journey of our lives. So again I say, I love my cricut, honestly!



Don't forget the bbtb is having a CONTEST going on right now with some YUMMY prizes from Provo Craft....A new cuttlebug machine and the Design Studio you say you already have those two items, well remember Christmas is coming up and those two prizes would make an awesome gift...........Click here for details.

Designer Ideals:

By: Susan Edwards - GUEST DESIGNER

By: Rheba Tyler

By: Michelle Wilkinson

By: Carol Sheetz

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: DeeDee Campbell

By: Melissa Kirwan

By: Jennifer Wuthrich

By: Kazan Clark

By: Regina Easter

By: Teri Berrios

By: Nikki Duey

By: Ivy Obeso

By: Michele Kovack

By: Anne Ayers