Sunday, July 27, 2008


Butterflies here Butterflies there, Butterflies everywhere....I simply love this weeks challenge, the designers were asked to use the BUTTERFLY from the TEAR DROP cartridge...It is funny, that Provo Craft has since released several other cartridges that have BUTTERFLIES on them, but for some reason, the one on the TEAR DROP cartridge is my FAVORITE.....the designers were able to use this cut any way they wanted and they did such a DELIGHTFUL JOB...I am simply honored to be working with such talented ladies.....

I would also like to thank BRITTANY BERNHOLDT for being our guest designer for the month of July....this 16 year old young lady has some awesome talent......Thank you Brittany for sharing with us here at the BBTB all your awesome projects....

Also don't forget this is the last week to enter the contest for a chance at a $50.00 gift certificate from Hallmark Scrapbook....(just in time for those new cartridges) or a chance to win that MISSING DESIGN STUDIO MANUAL......this is an awesome manual designed by Brandi Gore...check out her web site for more details.......Click here for more details on the contest.

Designer Ideals:

By: Brittany Bernholdt - GUEST DESIGNER - Just a Note

By: Kazan Clark - thk

By: Regina Easter - Butterfly Kisses

By: Carol Sheetz

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: DeeDee Campbell - Celebrate Love

By: Diane Strohfus

By: Laura Davis

By: Molly James

By: Sharon Caudle

By: Teri Berrios - Baby

By: Jennifer Wuthrich - Thinking of you

By: Susie Farthing - Just BELIEVE

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Maybe one would call it a NUMBER SIGN or maybe a TIC TACK TOE cut; well this weeks challenge the girls were asked to use this cut from the George Cartridge on page 84 of the manual................I am just in AWE as to how their talented minds is simply amazing how this cut took on so many different looks............They were able to use the cut in any type of project they wanted...We would love to see your take on this cut..Just leave a comment as to where we can find your project in this thread......Also don't forget about the awesome contest going on right now here at the bbtb.....we have two awesome prizes..........$50.00 gift certificate and that oh so MISSING DESIGN STUDIO MANUAL up for grabs....Click Contest for details....We also have 4 new awesome ladies joining the current BBTB team....Click here for details......

Designer Ideals:

By: Brittany Bernholdt - Guest Designer

By: Krista Norman

By: Michele Kovack - HI

By: Penny Shuberg

By: Kazan Clark - LOVE ya

By: Regina Easter

By: Ivy Obeso - POOL FUN

By: Madisson Cartwright

By: Laura Davis

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: DeeDee Campbell

By: Teri Berrios

By: Sharon Caudle

By: Carol Sheetz

By: Melissa Kirwan


You 4 ladies will be joining the other BUG DESIGNERS
I received so many emails from people wanting to become a BUG DESIGNER that it was really hard to choose only 4 for the 4 spots I had available.....Everyone that emailed me BUG projects had such awesome talent and I thank each of you for your interest in wanting to become a BUG DESIGNER.
Once again WELCOME ladies to the team.....we here at the BBTB look forward to seeing your awesome work in the coming months.
I will be emailing each of you this week....

Monday, July 14, 2008


Can I say they are one of the MOST AWESOME, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, WONDERFUL to name only a's around......I think I can.....Yes I am talking about HALLMARK SCRAPBOOK, they are doing it again....They are sponsoring our next contest with a $50.00 gift certificate to be used at their online store........BUT that's not all, this time we have a first place and second place winner...We have a new sponsor LEARNING THE CRICUT DS. Brandi Gore is the owner of this online store called LEARNING THE CRICUT DS.........and oh my she has put together something truly awesome.....that missing Manual for the DESIGN STUDIO....If you own the DESIGN STUDIO or are thinking about purchasing it, you really don't want to miss out on getting your hands on one of these Manuals.........EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want to learn about the DESIGN STUDIO is in is a little bit about LEARNING THE CRICUT DS:

My name is Brandi Gore. I work and teach classes at a lss in my area. I also teach annually at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Oklahoma. I created The Missing Manual after seeing our own customers struggle with the software. My website is A blog for Cricut users in general is in the works at My personal blog is at

Here are the contest details:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: Will receive a Gift Certificate from Hallmark Scrapbook to use in their online store.


1. Using this magazine picture above as your inspiration, Create any type of project you like.
2. Must use at least one cut from ANY cricut cartridge on your project.
3. Only 2 entries per person

4. Former bbtb winners are allowed to enter

5. Contest open to all countries

6. Please make sure your project is your OWN WORK and if parts of it isn't, please give credit where credit is due.
7. Link your project in the comment section of this thread.....Make sure the link goes directly to where your project is..

8. Deadline August 3rd by midnight.....pacific standard time.
9. Have fun
Here is a sample project from one of our bbtb designers DeeDee Campbell using the Inspiration Magazine page above.


This weeks challenge the designers were asked to used the PAPER DOLL DRESS UP cartridge....This cartridge has so many fun cuts on it...........way beyond the title of PAPER DOLLS.........Although all of the paper dolls on the cartridge are adorable...I particular fell in love with all the special little accessories on the cartridge............take for instance the cut for this week, the COWGIRL HAT, this adorable hat is oh so adorable and the designers really did a great job in displaying the different ways this cut could be used....they are all so awesome.....this cut can be found on page 67 of the is titled cowgrl-s (headwear).....we would love to see your take on this cut....don't forget to link your project in the comment section under this thread....

Designer Ideals:

By: Brittany Bernholdt - Guest Designer....It's Your day!

By: Carole Lowe Beath - Don't Fence Me In

By: Susie Farthing- Howdy pardner

By: Penny Shuberg - My Sister..My Friend

By: Melissa Kirwan - Grow

By: Molly James - Gettin Hitched

By: Sharon Caudle - What's Moo

By: Krista Norman - Girls night out

By: DeeDee Campbell - Howdy

By: Regina Easter - Littel Cowgirl

By: Ivy Obeso - Cowgirls Rule

By: Carol Sheetz - Lil Buckaroo

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This month I am very happy to announce that we have a GUEST DESIGNER joining us................Brittany Bernholdt .............. Here is a little bit about Brittany:

Hi! My name is Brittany. I am a 15 year old sophomore is high school. I absolutely am bitten by the Cricut bug. My hobby is scrapbooking/ crafting. I have a passion for photography and drama/acting. I started scrapbooking at eight years old and also quit at eight. I picked the hobby up again a year ago and will never give it up again!!! I am very excited to be the guest BBTB designer, and hope you all enjoy my work!!!

AND yes you did read that right, she is 15.......and I am so looking forward to seeing her awesome work this month.


Also don't forget that I am looking for a few extra people to add to the bbtb here for details...


Red White and Blue....Super Star, A Star is born....just a few things that come to my head when I think of this weeks challenge, but the biggest thing that comes to mind is all the AMAZING STARS that are on the bbtb team....this week the bbtb STARS (smile) were asked to create a project...any project they wanted using the STAR from the George can find this cut on page 115 in the manual................WOWZER I tell ya............they did an awesome job.....

Designer Ideals:

By: Brittany Bernholdt - Guest Designer - Your my Rock Star

By: Penny Shuberg - QUEEN

By: Dianne Strohfus

By: Tomi Ann Hill - shine

By: Madisson Cartwright

By: Michele Kovack - LIL Sunshine

By: Rene Stamps

By: Enfys Cashmore - You're a STAR

By: Sharon Caudle

By: Sonia Kertznus

By: Teri Berrios

By: Kazan Clark - Sweet baby boy

By: Krista Norman

By: Laura Davis - Happy Birthday

By: Carol Sheetz

By: Melissa Kirwan

By: Regina Easter - Christmas Star

By: Carole Lowe Beath

By: DeeDee Campbell

By: Molly James - God Bless America