Sunday, September 21, 2008


AW....there is NO place like very true especially around the holiday season...With the first day of Fall being tomorrow, it seemed only fitting to have a challenge cut that makes me feel very loved....HOME....This weeks challenge, the designers were asked to use the cut HOME from the CHRISTMAS CHEER cartridge....This sweet little house cut produced some really adorable projects.....You can find this cut on page 103 of the manual...Christmas Cheer is an oldie but goody cartridge and just in time for the holiday season....

Don't forget there is still ONE more day left to get your entry in for the current contest..You can get details here. Provo Craft is sponsoring some wonderful prizes....

Designer Ideals:

By: Susan Edwards - Guest Designer - From our home to yours

By: Michelle Wilkinson - A New Home

By: Krista Norman

By: Dianne Strohfus

By: Carol Sheetz - Happy Haunting

By: DeeDee Campbell - Peace & Joy

By: Regina Easter - Home is where your Heart is

By: Carole Lowe Beath - Butterfly Hollow

By: Laura Davis - Happy Halloween

By: Michele Kovack - Best Wishes

By: Enfys Cashmore - Happy Halloween

By: Teri Berrios - Home for the Holidays

By: Sharon Caudle - From our house to yours

By: Sonia Kertznus - Home is where your heart is

By: Nikki Duey

By: Anne Ayers - Home Sweet Home

By: Penny Shubery - WINTER

By: Rene Stamps - Welcome

By: Rheba Tyler


TERIBERI said...

I love each and every "home". Everyone here is so creative :o) GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!! Hugs, T

Crayola58 said...

Ah, wonderful stuff. I love Sunday night because that is the night that Regina unveils all of the designer creations. I wait and wait and then suddenly the email is there and I can see. What a great bunch of talent!!!

Enfys said...

I love Sunday night too, and what I love best is scrolling down to each design and thinking, yes, that's Sharon's/Laura's/DeeDee's/Regina's....................... - did you know that we all have pretty distinctive styles girlies?!

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Oh My...These are all sooo very cute...Love all of them..Krista

Anonymous said...

WOW! All these houses are amazing!

mickeydee said...

Every home is so cute and "homey". Love them all. Each one is so creative and fun! I love how everyone comes up with such different and unique takes on each challenge. It is so fun to check each week and see what everyone came up with! Great job everyone!

Eveline said...

What creative work you all did. I love all the houses. This cartridge is still on my wishlist. The more I watch this blog the more cartridges I want.

DeeDee said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! You girlies are so amazing...each and every home is so fun and unique...all of them are just lovely!!! EXCELLENT job Ladies!!!

michelle said...

What a treat to wake up to seeing all your awesome creations !! I am so proud to be part of such an amazing team !! Fantastic job girls !!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! I love how different all of these are! I'm amazed every single week! AWESOME work!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are all fantastic! Each one is so different from the next! Great job ladies!

shelly said...

oh my world!!! every single one of these are spectacular!!!! heres my bit o fun :) thanks for taking a peek and thank you regina for a fun challenge :)

tomiannie said...

Such cute creations! Now I'm in the mood for Halloween AND Christmas!

gigharborscrapper said...

Oh my, how fun!!
I have to just say thank you once again for having this site Regina, seriously you should be paid by PC, I get more ideas on your site than the cricut site any day .
Really, I can't wait for Sunday to see the new ideas and more than once I have bought a cartridge JUST to do the challenge.

Rene said...

You guys do such wonderful work
keep it up, great talent!!!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. This is my 2nd time trying to post this. If it worked the first time, I apologize. It's my very first attempt at a challenge, and I don't quite have the "blogger" thing mastered. TFL!

Glee said...

Here is my card made with this challenge:

The cards made by the DT are FABULOUS!

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