Tuesday, July 10, 2007


To celebrate reaching over 5000 hits to the site since first opening in June, BITTEN by the BUG is conducting their first Contest. We are so thrilled to have Hallmark Scrapbook sponsor our first contest.
One lucky winner will be able to choose any cartridge he/she choosen from Hallmark Scrapbook web site.

So here is the deal,
-create a card......(any type of card) using any of the many cartridges available for the machines and link your card to this message thread for all of us to see.
-You can submit up to two cards.
-Each card MUST contain a cut used from one of the cartridges of your choice.
- The BITTEN by the BUG design team along with a few other people will be the judges and choose the best card.....
-The winner will receive a cricut cartridge of their choice from the many available at Hallmark Scrapbook web site.
-Deadline for contest is July 31st at midnight (Pacific Standard Time)

Please note: Hallmark Scrapbook would love to see some of your creations uploaded to their web site at: http://www.hallmarkscrapbook.com/photos/ So please register and upload your card(s) for others to view in the photo gallery under BITTEN BY THE BUG CONTEST SECTION. Thank you


Christy said...

Here is a link to two baby cards I made for a set of twins, a boy and a girl. The base of the cards is the tri-fold card from Fabulous Finds. Enjoy and good luck to everyone with the contest. (The inside of the cards is down a couple of posts in the link.)http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=739011&mpage=1&key=򴡖

Taffy said...

Those are cute cards! I followed your link from the Cricut MB - i also added you to my blog! :)

Cammie said...

Here is a link to a purse card I made using TBB&M


Cammie said...

And here is a Christmas card

Leah said...

Here is a birthday card I made using OA, TBBM, Jasmine and FF. The link is to my blog, the card is Brithdays Celebrate Life.


SuziQ said...

Here is the link to a few of my cards...but only being able to submit two, I would like to say the first baby one, and then the colorful stars birthday card. The baby one was cut using Mini Monos for the scalloped square, and Alphalicious for the letters. The birthday card used George for the stars.


debbiedee said...

Here is one of my cards...

Kristy said...

Here is a card that I made for the Day 9 Challenge of Caardvarks with my lovely Cricut machine! The challenge was to use a clock on the card so I made my own using George and Stamped.


coachswife said...

I made this card using Animal Kingdom. I tried to make the horse look like a My Little Pony for a little girl that loves them. It has lots of sparkle!

coachswife said...

Here is the card that I made for my brother's wedding. I used Mickey and friends and lots of glitter.

Anonymous said...

All the cards are wonderful I am going to throw my card in with the others..
link to the Cricut MB

Anonymous said...


My second card. I have also posted the entries in the gallery at hallmark scrapbook.

*Mari* said...

This is a link to the card i made using celebrations


Bee said...

Here is two cards that I would like to enter in your contest!
The first is a birthday Celebration using NA and Accents Cart.

the second one is Tinker Bell Birthday card. I used Doodlecharms and George for this one


sharon said...

I made this card using Base Camp (please enter the camo one - maybe I'll submit another later). Here's the link: http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=877035&mpage=1

MaggieMom said...

Regina just alerted me to this blog and contest. I had just made a couple simple birthday cards using George. I uploaded them at:


(hope this works)

ShazzaRoo said...

HI yall :)
I hope Im doing this right lol
Heres the link for the card I made to enter the Bitten by the bug contest :)
Have fun everybody!!!

ShazzaRoo said...

Ohhh Derrr Sharon, lol I think I need the link??

Samm said...

Here's a couple I made today ladies!!!




ஐ*Beatriz Jennings*ஐ said...

Hi!! Here is the link where you can se my card for the contest:



Leah said...

Here is my second card. It is called, Live, Laugh, Love. Here is the link to my blog which it is on.


Patsy Jackson said...

Great work on here! Loving all the designs!

Here are two I made (one last night) and the other last week. Using George (first card) and Opposites Attract (second card).

Thanks for looking!
Patsy x



Ang said...

Here is a link to a card that I did for my husband for Father's Day. (It was for our kids to sign and give to him) I used Beyond Birthdays and Alphalicious.


and here is a birthday card that I did for my brother in law:


Tonya said...

Here is a birthday card I made for a friend that I thought turned out really well. I used the DC and George carts. TFL!

Tonya said...

I hope this isn't duplicate...I'm trying to figure this out. Anyway, here is a link to my first card entry, a polka dot "Birthday" card. I used George and Doodlecharms carts. TFL! Good luck everyone!

IvyQ23 said...

This is the link to a baby card that I made using NA, AE, and AMU. I really enjoyed making it and hope you enjoy looking at it! Good luck to everyone in the contest!


Kimberlee Croucher said...

Okie dokie! Here's my try at this!!! Thanks!

kimberlee croucher said...

And here is my second and final entry. This was my very first card with the Cricut. It was cute.

AmandaGrue said...

Here is my card for the contest.


Kelly Waller said...

here is one of my entrys for the bbtb contest thanks for letting me enter. http://www.hallmarkscrapbook.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=423&limit=recent

Kelly Waller said...

here is one of my entries for the contest, thanks for letting me entry

Alex and Danny said...
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GabrielaD said...

I don't know if the above link worked, and my name is coming up as my kids names...

So I am trying again...



kraftykricut said...

Here is my card I made for the card contest sponsered by Hallmark Scrapbook. I used Animal Kingdom for the fish bowl, fish and plants. I used Christmas Cheer for the rest of the items. The orndmts. were cut with a hole puncher. I had lots of fun creating this card.


Kristy said...

Here's my second entry. It's called Love Bling :). Thanks for having this contest and for offering the great prize!


ஐ*Beatriz Jennings*ஐ said...



nancycs said...

I have posted my entry!

Thanks for hosting this contest!


Elaine said...

Thanks, Regina
for letting me know about this contest! I have just been bitten by the bug, Used a friends cricut and now I think I NEED one of my own..
here are some cards I posted..



Clara said...

Okay, this is all new to me, so I'll see if I can link my card for the Bitten by the Bug contest. This is one of my first cards with my Expression!


Clara said...

Oops! I don't think that first link worked. In case you cannot open that link here's the one I meant to use:


Dottie K said...

Can anyone help me link a card here? I downloaded to Hallmark Scrapbooking. My picture is blurring - don't know why - the original isn't and I can't figure this out. Can you tell it's my first time downloading and linking. Would appreciate any advice? Why I'm asking questions why can't I see anyone's cards from their links on this site. What am I missing???? Thanks :) Dottie

regina said...

Hi Dottie, all you have to do is link the address (basically copy and paste) where you put the card on hallmark here in your thread under your comment. if you look at some of the other ladies, no you can't see their card, but if you copy and paste their web address into your web address line, you would see the picture...let me know if you need more help. regina

Dottie K said...

Hi Regina,

I see the card and I see what everyone else did but I can't find where to copy that link from. I've searched and can't find it. Thanks for your suggestions but I'm stuck. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry this is my first post and I'm lost. :)

regina said...

hi dottie, this is the link to your card


it is the words in the address line....so if you copy what i put above into the address line, you would find your card.........so put this link in your comments here on the board for the contest. regina

Dottie K said...

Hi Regina - I get that but where did you it from - what am I missing here? Thank you so much!!!!!!

regina said...

hi dottie, well if you go to the page that has the picture of your card from hallmark,look at the very top and you will see the address to that page.

Dottie K said...

Regina - Would you email me at ohcrunch@msn.com. I really appreciate your help!

Jessica said...

Here is my entry for the contest. It's called You Really Shine! Please scroll down to the 3rd post in the thread. Thanks.


CurlyCraze said...

Thanks for your blog and this contest! Here are my entries:

If those links don't work, try:

Marci A said...

Here is the link for the card I made using Accent Essentials.


Clara said...

Here's the second Anniversary Card I made (for my daughter and SIL).


Dottie K said...

Ok here is my second card! Frosty! Thanks Regina for all your help! It's so simple to do now that I know what I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful cards that everyone has created..

Here are the two I have


Love Birds


A said...
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A said...

Ok second attempt to get my materials posted.....crossing my fingers...ok here it goes


Good luck everyone

Debbie G said...

Here is a link to a baby card I made using the "New Arrival" cartridge!
Baby Card

GabrielaD said...

Down to the wire... last day.

Here is my last card.
Good luck everyone!


Marci said...

Link for baby card:


Anonymous said...

When will we know the results of the contest?....the suspense is killing me.

Laura said...

Wow, you are all so talented! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Cricut Cartridges said...

It's really cool that you did this for your readers. I am thinking about doing something similar with mine. Appreciate all you've done for the scrapbooking community.