Sunday, August 5, 2007


For this weeks challenge, the ladies were to make a card using the Wheelbarrow from the Walk In My Garden cartridge, (page 107 of the manaul). All of the ladies did an awesome job on this cut..........If you have this cartridge, we would love to see your take on this cut.... By the way, we will be announcing a new contest sometime this week.

Designer Ideals:

By: Sharon Caudle - Celebrate Autumn

By: Michele Kovack - Happy Fall

By: DeeDee Campbell - Celebrate..Enjoy your day

By: Regina Easter - Happy Birthday

By: Melissa Kirwan - Smile

By: Teri Berrios - My Friend you make my wings flutter

By: Dianne Strohfus - Happy Birthday..for you

By: Sonia Kertznus - Hi


DeeDee said...

WOW! These cards turned out just GREAT Ladies!!! They are all AWESOME! I just love seeing all the different versions of the "same" card!!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Holy guacamole these cards are FANTASTIC!!!!! Great job everyone!!! I absolutely love every one of them!!!! I am one proud lady to be on a team with such talent!!!!

sharon (glitterangel) said...

What gorgeous cards ladies - fantastic inspiration!

TERIBERI said...

WELL.................I think everyone did a terrific job on all the cards. I too am proud of my designer sisters - you all have inspired me in so many wonderful ways ~ and I love each and every one of you for it!!!!! You are all very special to me.
Hugs, TeriBeri

Kazz said...

hi friends, this is my first attempt to enter this so I hope this works.

here is the link to my card

Kazz said...
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Cindyg said...

Oh My Gosh. I can't believe how amazing ALL of these cards turned out!!!

Anonymous said...

This site is so cool! Great job Regina! Glad you are keeping the bug juice going!
Tricia G.

chubbymo75 said...

Everyone did a wonderful job! This site is always such a treat. I notice many of you use a wonderful little detail that looks like small holes punched in the paper to accent different segments of your designs - could someone clue me in on this? I would really appreciate it. I take note of all the little details you gals add that send it over the top. Thanks!

regina said...

hi chubbymo75, i actually use a small felt pen to do my little dots...regina