Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay actually this weeks challenge isn't actually using the Matchbox the way it is in the Cricut Manual....Awhile back I was playing with the Matchbox cut on the Tags Bags Boxes & More and I discovered that if you use to bottoms, you have an instant Gift Box...All you have to do is cut the top 1 size bigger as in if you cut one cut at 5 inches, then you need to cut another at either 5 1/4 or 4 3/4........depending on if you want the 5 to be the top or the bottom...The top has to be slightly bigger then the bottom.....So I decided to make the challenge this week making Gift boxes out of the cut on page 124 of the manual, which is the bottom portion of the Matchbox (match2.)....This is by far one of the most awesome cuts....rather you have the big bug or the small one, the box is super cute..........Just take a look at all of the designer ideal.......WOW ladies, awesome.....Also one thing to note, if you do have the little bug and you do the top of the box at 5 1/2 inches, you will have to do the bottom at 5 inches because there isn't a 5 1/4 on the little bug; so the top will be a little big on the bottom, but it is equally as cute.....

One more thing before I show you all the designer ideal, please make sure to click CONTEST for the new contest that is starting today.....

Designer Ideals:
By: Teri Berrios - It's Your Day
By: Sage Teslo - Jax

By: Carole Lowe Beath- It's A Party
By: Dianne Strohfus - Snow
By: DeeDee Campbell
By: Enfys Cashmore - For You With Love
By: Regina Easter - FA.LA.LA

By: Melissa Kirwan - Top Dog

By: Krista Norman - Love

By: Sara Wise

By: Sharon Caudle - Happy Thanksgiving
By: Sonia Kertznus - Happy Birthday
By: Rene Stamps - Joy
By: April Smith


Crayola58 said...

I love it when all the crafty people get together and display their concepts. It's a wonderful display of truly talented creators. And I am so glad to be a part of it all. Thanks, Regina.

TERIBERI said...

Oh yeah - you are right....this IS one of the BEST projects. Love ALL the boxes - all of them are BEAUTIFUL and so different. I know I have said this before but I am extremely lucky to be on a team with all you girls!!! Lots of hugs always, TeriBeri

DeeDee said...

Oh WOW! Ladies these are AWESOME boxes!!!! Every one of them is just GORGEOUS.....I too am proud to be a part of this team!! Great work team.....WOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These all look so great! I have a Question for any of you that made these, did you make the box out of cardstock, chipboard, or what, and then cover it in paper? I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to do it. thanks so much to anyone who will help me.

Melissa said...

Oh fab-u-lucious! This was a really cool way to use the matchbox and the designs are all wonderful! You gals are sooo creative and clever!
--Miles of Smiles

Anonymous said...

Wow ladies,

You did such a fantastic job this week. These boxes are BEAUTIFUL!


Regina Easter said...

Anonymous, i made mine out of a heavy probably will just depend upon what you are putting in the box...regina

Cricut Cartridges said...

Simply phenomenal! Never have I seen so much creativity packed into one site. You women are truly inspirational. Keep it up! Keep motivating others! Keep creating!

Cricut users are what we need in this world of rote memorization and a lack of creative sparks.

Cricut Cartridges

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