Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello everyone.....and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S to you all....
As you read from the title of this post, I have a bit of sad news...effective today, I will no longer be running the BBTB Cricut Challenge site...GOODNESS, that was very HARD to type...I believe the BBTB was the very first Cricut challenge site to start up..gosh I remember when I use to participate over on the Cricut Message board 24/7..couldn't get enough of that site and then I announced that I wanted to start a challenge site strictly for those that loved using their little BUGS....and the rest is history.....The BBTB first started back in June of 2007 and it has been the most rewarding, amazing and funniest thing that I can ever remember starting up...I have met so many wonderful people, that to this day we have become a little family and I love them all so much.. many of them have been with the BBTB since it first about building relationships, it doesn't get any better then that and since we have become a little family, of course family sticks together through the good and bad..(smile)...but as with all things, even fun adventures in our lives must come to an end....

As many of you know, I am the Owner of The Cutting Cafe, and have decided to dedicate most of my time to the online store plus maybe take on a few card challenges here and there online...So I am not totally all know where to find me..(smile)

I had first thought that I was going to totally end the BBTB and then I started thinking about how all of our FABULOUS readers look forward to the weekly Cricut challenges for inspiration and thought...hum, maybe I can get one of the talented BBTB designers to take it over...So I was totally excited to have Heather Binnie take on the challenge...and she came up with the new title:
Wow, how excited I was that she thought of really really made me feel awesome inside to know the BBTB with continue on with the new site being called BBTB2..I even started daydreaming that this could literally go on forever...BBTB3, BBTB4...etc...(smile)
Anyways, I would like to thank Heather for taking on this new adventure and for all of the wonderful designers who fully support her..without them, there just wouldn't be a team at all, BUT most of all, I would like to thank each and every one of our amazing readers, you all are FABULOUS and we thank you for all of your support...
to go to the new BBTB 2

By the way, if you would like to take a journey down memory lane when the BBTB first started 2.5 years ago, you can click on this link:
The original BBTB site will ALWAYS remain in you can always reference back to the original site for pass challenge projects......
HUGS, Regina Easter


Kiki said...

I am so sorry to see you go.....but totally understand! I am so excited that there will be a BBTB2 YEA!!! I wish you the best in all you do! God Bless

Eveline said...

Sad news but I'm glad there will be a BBTB2. I'm going over there now to check it out.
All the best for 2010.

Shirley said...


Best of luck to you. I am glad that BBTB will continue and look forward to BBTB2.

DeeDee said...

Such bittersweet words Regina! I support you in whatever you decide to do and you know that! I wish you nothing but the best and so cherish being able to say that I was on the very first BBTB team and stil continue on to the new BBTB2 team as well! THANK YOU girlie for all that you do for the Cricut lover's in this world! HUGS!

Jeri said...

Regina--My heart is so sad that you will be leaving BBTB, but I fully support your decision to devote your enormous talent to The Cutting Cafe. I am one of your best customers so I will see your work often. Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful adventure. Best of luck to you in all you do. Hugs and Blessings to you--Jeri

Sharon Caudle said...

My heart is breaking to see you go, but at the same time, I'm so very excited for you! What a journey we've been on for the past two and a half years, huh? Well, you know I love you like a sis, and support you in all your endeavors. God bless you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You, my sweet friend, have always been - and always will be - the very best! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Wow I had no idea! But you have dedicated so much time here and everyone has so enjoyed this blog! Best of luck to your new enduvores and to the new BBTB2!

Cindy McVey said...

Regina, I just found you and you're leaving!! I do understand, but you BETTER keep in touch! You know you can always ask me if you need a special box, right? :)

Seriously, good luck with the store. I know as well as anybody that the need to priorotize your life comes up every now and then. We will still see you on the Cricut MB, right??

Crazy For Scrapping said...

goosh we are going to miss you, I luv this site even though I don't comment much and have done any of the challenges in a while, I lost my mojo for a while, I am glad that your friend Heather and you talked about starting BBTB2.
Luv and God speed, and wish you all the happiness and luck of 2010

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Hate to see you go but am excited that BBTB2 will be there! Have a blessed New Year!

mickeydee said...

Regina, my sweet friend............Thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories I have from being on this team. You are a treasure and I am so very thankful for our friendship. I am in awe of your talent, your creativity and most of all, your sweet and giving spirit. Love ya girl!

Lorena Llano said...

Dear Regina: I wish you the best. You were really inspiring to me. You did a beautiful. I have learned a lot form you. Lorena.

Paula said...

good luck, I always enjoyed this site, even though I hardly ever commented. Glad that it will still go on. I hope you leave this blog up, I like to look here for inspiration.

Carole Beath said...

Oh sad this is. But we all are so blessed that you allowed the BBTB site to forge onward with one of the designers at the tow with the new BBTB2. We each are so blessed to have spent these years with you. My first challenge as a designer for BBTB was October 2007 and I have relished every single challenge since.
You are awesome, so wonderfully talented, and of course I am absolutely blessed to be on your Cutting Cafe team so you are not out of my sight.

Jessica said...

Good luck to you Regina. I'm glad you aren't disappearing completely! So you'll see everyone from time to time! I hopw your store soars as you move into this phase...say that 3 times fast! lol Take care

tomiannie said...

Gosh, Regina, I'm so sorry to see you go! You have been such a huge inspiration to me for so long -- thank you for everything!

Molly said...

Thank you for all of your inspiration, Regina...Good Luck!!

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

I can't even tell you in words how much your friendship means to me. You are such a true gem and your talent is the best ever. You have inspired so many people with not only your creations but to be better people in general. You are such a giving, honest, sweet person. I am very lucky to have you in my life and to call you my friend. I will always support you in whatever decisions you make. Thank you for everything...Love ya lots, Krista

Cheryl Boglioli said...

Oh it is sad to see you go, but I'm so glad you are following what your heart is telling you to do. And I am so thankful you found someone to carry on with BBTB2. I, for one, look forward to the challenges even when not participating online. Best of wishes to you and I'm sure we'll still be seeing you around.

Anonymous said...

We will miss you! I have always loved BBTB, the creations posted here have ALWAYS inspired me. I'm excited for all the new things that will be in store for you this year :-)
Thanks for all the time, love, and dedication you put into this site all this time, it meant so much to many of us


Unknown said...

Oh how shocked to hear your news just as I was getting going with your BBTB challenges. I would have been devestated for the challenges not to continue so what a lovely idea to start a new challenge site BBTB2 for all us Cricut addicts!

I wish you well with your continuing adventures and will continue to look at The Cutting Cafe for true hubby bought me a Pazzles for Christmas!

Best of luck.

PaperDaisies said...

Wanted to take time out to wish you all the best for the future. I can't believe you are going. So sad. It was because of your blog I was bitten by the bug. So thank you. Best wishes

Nikki said...

WOW! Thanks so much Regina for running this challenge site for so long, especially with all the work you have been doing with you Cutting Cafe! You have been a huge inspiration and will always be with your designs at your Cafe and what you make with them!
I'm looking forward to seeing Heather's challenges for the team.
Hugs, Nikki!

Kay said...

Sad to see you leave Regina but I totally understand. Everyone will miss you at BBTB but I'm glad I'll still be able to create with you!!!!! Hugs and tons of love to you!!!!! ♥♥ Kay

shelly said...

regina i think you know how much you are respected and loved by all of us.. thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and fun with bbtb. from day one it had been a dream come true to be on your design team.. thank you for making one of MY dreams come true. you are one special lady and i hope all of your dreams come true :)
we hope to see you around on bbtb2 :) big hugs!

Nadya 's World!!! said...

I'm so sorry to see you go! I've enjoyed coming here every day looking at all the work that you and the DT did here. But I'm so glad that BBTB will go on. Good luck to you in your adventures and Thank you for BBTB!!!!! :)

Creative Accents and Accessories said...

I thought it was a new secret challenge or a awesome contest, not that you were stepping down... that's sad. I have loved your blog, and I guess I will have to "meet" Heather, and get to know her too.... I will miss you Regina... My son's favorite book and my favorite project was inspired by your site.

kanishk said...

I wish you the best in all you do! God Bless

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Emma said...

Loved reading everything! =]


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Tonia Conger said...

Regina, please send me your email address. I have some fun news from Provo Craft I'd like to share with you.

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Good News. Definitely heading. See you.

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