Sunday, September 30, 2007


Monogram cards are always so fun to make. So for this weeks challenge, the girls were asked to make a MONOGRAM card using the GEORGE cartridge.........It is amazing how everyone did something different with this challenge............All of the projects are AWESOME....We would all love to see your take on this challenge.....Monogram cards are so easy and fun to make.....Don't forget to link your creations to this thread..............

Designer Ideals:

By: Enfys Cashmore - Merry and Bright.....
Thanks Enfys for being our Guest Designer....Your work is AWESOME

By: Denise Milazzo

By: Michele Kovack - Fall

By: Madisson Cartwright - Celebrate

By: Melissa Kirwan - Best Birthday

By: Dianne Strohfus - Hope

By: Nancy Edwards - Smile

By: DeeDee Campbell - Celebrate

By: Regina Easter - Boo

By: Teri Berrios

By: Sharon Caudle - Sister


DeeDee said...

WOW Ladies! These are all BEAUTIFUL! I love everyone of them!!! GREAT!!!

CakeJunkie said...
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CakeJunkie said...

Beautiful as always! They are all wonderful! I made a monogram card with George, but unfortunately gave it away without taking a picture of it. I did what I think of as "towel monogramming" (Big initial for last name in the middle and two smaller letters for the first names' initials on either side). Anyway, just lovely, Ladies! I am looking forward to the new contest! The last one was such a blast :o)

mickeydee said...

Sorry. I made a project instead of a card. I should have paid more attention!

TERIBERI said...

First of all I LOVE EVERYONES card/project!! Everyone did such an amainzg job!!
OK - Deedee, Sharon and I have made monogram cards using our initials - I just noticed this!! It is so funny. Deedee used the "D", Sharon used the "S" and I (Teri) used the "T" - must be a subconscious thing (hehehehehe)
Hugs, TeriBeri